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Alexandra Township, informally abbreviated to Alex, is a township in Johannesburg, South Africa and is located a few minutes drive away from the upper-class surbub of Sandton. Since its establishment in 1912, Alex is still one of the poorest places in the country. This township however epitomises a high entrepreneurial spirit looking at the thousands of informal businesses within this 6.9 km radius. Many businesses are unregistered and the few that are registered are not properly branded reducing their strength to compete against international brands that continue to dominate within townships.

Look Better is a nationwide Transformative Socio-economic Innovation Enterprise (TSIE) whose purpose is to scale up significant access to both branding capital and clients amongst black owned businesses mainly in the township environment as well as providing brand development skills to small businesses through The Brand Development Workshop. Alex Boom is a division of Look Better that serves Alexandra Township  providing branding requirements and exposure to every promising business that lacks the capital to do so. Through this initiative there are already jobs that have been created within the space of branding and design, prioritising hiring of skills from Alexandra township and contributing to black economic development.

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Brand Alliance

A branding sponsorship programme by Look Better to brand township businesses enabling them to compete with already established brands. Our Brand Alliance partners sponsor the required branding needs.

The Brand Development Workshop

The Brand Development Workshop #TheBDW is a Look Better flagship workshop event targeted at South Africa's young budding entrepreneures in townships who are keen to develop their knowledge and skills and create a competitive value proposition for their brands.

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